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On the occasion of National Farmers Day on 23rd December 2018, join us in contributing to creating a healthier, happier and more evolved future in association with Tata Memorial Hospital. Take part in the Walkathon to raise awareness about the benefits of clean air, clean water and clead food.

About Hosh

Hosh is a social initiative by the AmbaGopal Foundation. Started by philanthropist and hotelier, Harish Shetty, it is engaged in bringing about social transformation, one basic issue at a time.

Our Mission

‘A healthy mind in a healthy body ultimately, makes for a healthy society.’

Therefore, Hosh is firmly committed to:

  • i) Educating people about their fundamental right to clean air, clean water and clean food.
  • ii) Adding strength to the Organic Movement.
harish shettty
  • iii) Cancer prevention and care.
    • a) Caring for the elderly.
      To this end, it is engaged in:
    • i) An ongoing signature campaign for banning harmful chemical pesticides in food.

      The campaign is steadily gaining momentum and the petition has been signed by 8400 + citizens, till date.

      On 2nd October, on the occasion of the 150th Birth Anniversary of Mahatama Gandhi, Mumbai citizens expressed their support for this campaign through a silent turnout outside the Juhu Beach.

      Harish Shetty holds regular awareness-building sessions about the importance of clean air, water and food in the prevention of today’s most chronic diseases such as cancer. Most recently, he was invited to speak at a conference of the Brahma Kumaris in Pune, an event conducted at the Goregaon Sports Club in association with Tata Memorial Hospital, the Yoga Association program, the Savai Hotel and at the Juhu Garden.

    • ii) Reaching out to farmers and educating them about the health hazards of chemical pesticides.

      On 12th October, Hosh celebrated Farmers’ Day in Pune with the local farming community. 53 farmers pledged to go organic, with immediate effect.

    • iii) Reaching out to the Youth for the creation of a stronger society.

      The youth are our future. Hence, many of Hosh’s activities involve them. Prestigious colleges such as Narsee Monjee, Mithibai, etc. host Hosh activities which provide opportunities for empathy and dialogue between the youth and senior citizens.

      On 1st October, Hosh celebrated Elder Day by hosting a party for senior citizens at a park in Juhu. There was singing and dancing, elders shared their experiences of life and finally tucked into a wholesome and hearty breakfast.

Our Goal

By shining a light on these issues, we wish to create a healthier, happier and more evolved future.

Support Us

Yes, we welcome the collaboration and support of individuals and corporate organizations.

On 23rd December on the occasion of International Farmers’ Day, Hosh is organizing a Walkathon to raise awareness about these causes.

Your contribution to our change-making activities will be encouraging and motivating for us. We look forward to your support in any number of ways, big and small.