Hosh is a social initiative by the AmbaGopal Foundation. Started by philanthropist and hotelier, Harish Shetty, it is engaged in bringing about social transformation, one basic issue at a time.

About Aharveda

Aharveda – the good food philosophy has been converting people to a healthier, happier way of life. Food or Ahar has always been Harish’s passion. It was his sincere wish to contribute in a holistic way to people’s wellbeing.

He always believed that the difference between Illness and Wellness is I and We. I is the Selfishness in Us and We is the togetherness in our efforts to strive.

Today his dedicated efforts and food expertise have given form to his vision. As the numerous testimonials indicate, Aharveda works. In a miraculous, dramatic way!

This is the reason then, that this health evangelist has made it his mission to spread healthy living through the goodness of Aharveda, across the world. His seminars are a transformative experience, giving hope to many.

As he continues to take the wonderful world of Aharveda into homes and workplaces, more people are understanding the power of healthy eating. The right diet can empower the body to heal itself.

‘Everything we need for healing, nature has already provided,’ is his belief, and forms the basis of Aharveda.

Mr. Shetty is supported in his endeavour by a dedicated and committed team of professionals. In fact, the Aharveda family is growing rapidly as more and more people, whose lives have been transformed by it, come forward to share their skills and expertise.

Ambagopal Foundation

AmbaGopal Foundation is a charitable foundation borne of the desire to give back to the community. Harish named the foundation after two of the most inspirational people he knew - his parents. He started this foundation to spread the message of love and caring. With the AmbaGopal foundation, Mr Harish Shetty hopes to focus on two vital issues – caring for the elderly, and teaching value education for the creation of a more humane society.

My Journey

Life had always been simple, I had a simple upbringing. My Parents were strict, still they were the ones who taught me a lot of values of life. They believed that hard work was the only key to success and this value was bestowed upon me too. Parents always give to their families, without any sort of expectations. I was also taught about sharing, that too without any objection. This value had a deep and everlasting impact on me and led me on my journey to become a better human being. I was fortunate to have a childhood where I got to learn everything from my parents. My father was an hotelier and thus my relation with food goes a long way back, I still remember my school vacations, when kids my age would play around I used to visit our hotel and peel potatoes, Yes potatoes, this may sound weird due to the fact that my father owned the hotel.

Many would think that I would inherit the hotel and sit at the cash counter when I grow up, but in fact the cash counter was the last place I achieved in my carrier, also I knew my father and he would not have entrusted the responsibility on me if I was not worth it. So work for me began at a young age. Kitchen was the first place I started to work at.

To be honest, I was not good at studies, contrary to the expectation of my parents, I was more interested in food, right from the beginning I wanted to be in the Food industry and I wanted to carry on my father’s legacy by taking his business to new heights. By the time I completed my studies, I already had a vision where I want to grow. I always pushed myself to get the work done because I believed the only person who can help you is YOU!!!

In my journey till now, I had never said a NO to anyone asking for help. I always seek for opportunities in adversities. I ask myself if there is a problem than “is it now” and if not now then why think about it and waste time, rather you can do something productive and help yourself. I believe that it’s not about whether you win or lose, According to me, a situation where everyone can reap the fruits of success, is a winning situation. The competition should not be with others, it should be with one’s self and once you master this you will only achieve great things in life. I even always helped my competitors when they needed it. I groomed myself and made everyone feel comfortable around me that too with sheer honesty. This helped me in creating a place in people’s heart, rather unknowingly.

From the beginning I always held my own. I didn’t like anyone dominating me at any part of my life. My parents, whom I consider the best part of my life, were well aware of my nature and understood that everyone has their life to live and their Karma to fulfill. I believe we are born on earth and we are humans because it’s part of a grander scheme of things.

I once had a conversation with my father as he would advise me never to fire a staff. At that time it didn’t imply to me as to what it meant. But my Father went on teach a very encouraging and a helpful lesson to me, he said “Out of 300 staff members 90% will be doing their job in all honesty and they are the ones who will help the business to prosper. But the remaining 10% who are the misfits and do not work hard are the real problem, and if you cannot handle 10% to get back on track or show them the correct way, then you do not deserve to be a boss. Just discarding someone from their duties is not the end of the problem because for you only one person is connected, however that one person has the responsibility of many others and we cannot give his punishment to others, what we can do is just set them on the right course and eventually things will get better.” I follow this teaching even today and it has helped me live peacefully.

There are ups and down in everyone’s life and they were also a part of mine. I didn’t had a fairytale life where everything would happen in my favor but whatever happened has only molded me in being the person I am today. I believe, only taking the right decisions in life will make you successful.